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Here at Parabo we count Mother Nature as one of our BFFs. Not to be shallow, but she’s really pretty! And, really kind for letting us all hang around all the time.

That’s why we print all of our Square and Classic Prints on 100% recycled paper.

So, to celebrate her big day – Earth Day! April 22nd – we’re showing you our favorite ways to reuse your Parabo Press packaging. From cute, to useful, to downright fun, there are so many great ways to recycle.

Fun Ways to Recycle this Earth Day

Upcycled Pencil Cup

Inspired by @jimbologue who used his print tube as a vase, we transformed a print tube lid into a pencil cup.

Just hot glue on your favorite ribbon and/or twine and violà, spruce up your desk in no time.

Fun Ways to Recycle this Earth Day

Super Simple Display

Yeah, our prints are thick enough to stand up on their own, but washi taping them to our patterned backing board, takes things to a whole new level.

Tape up one or two or a whole collection!

Fun Ways to Recycle this Earth Day

Collage Up a Folder

Maybe you haven’t collaged all over a binder since jr. high, but we can attest it’s just as fun as ever.

There may be a few less boy bands in our magazines these days, but we had a blast turning this newsprint envelope into a handy (and beautiful) folder.

Fun Ways to Recycle this Earth Day

Classy Coasters

This DIY may be simple, but that’s our favorite kind. Cut your board into adorable coasters.

We got the idea from @erica.haines123, who used her backing board as a plate under a candle.

Fun Ways to Recycle this Earth Day

Stow Your Snacks

We send our print sets in these handy zippy pouches, because they’re just so useful to have around.

Tote around your favorite snack, all sealed up. Or, organize your paper clips, guitar picks, any little thing that is best kept corralled.

Fun Ways to Recycle this Earth Day

Strike Up a Game

This idea may have started as us being silly, but we really had fun when we tested it out.

Use an Engineer Print tube and wadded up bit of paper packaging for a quick game of office wiffle ball.

Fun Ways to Recycle this Earth Day

Delicate Dollhouse Décor

For the last month we had a little contest for folks who showed us how they reuse their packaging with #ParaboLovesEarth. And, boy oh boy do we have a winner.

@laurajhnstn transformed her packaging into amazing dollhouse furniture. Oh, we wish that champagne bottle cap planter came in our size!


Here are a few more of our favorite #ParaboLovesEarth entries. Follow us on Instagram to take part in our next challenge.
Fun Ways to Recycle this Earth Day