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Anyone else completely overjoyed that spring is almost here? After a long winter, it’s no surprise that many of us are looking forward to April showers and May flowers.

While it’s great to put away wool blankets and electric heaters for the season, consider keeping coziness around a little longer by embracing a Scandinavian lifestyle called hygge. Hygge, pronounced hoo-gah – is a Danish way of life that focuses on principles like contentment, relationships, relaxation and simplicity while emphasizing cozy, calm interiors.

Here are 10 tips to help you combine the hygge philosophy with home decor, and get your space refreshed and recharged just in time for spring!

10 Tips to Prepare Your Hygge Home for Spring

1. Organize and Tidy Up

Organizing is easier said than done. However, there are plenty of stylish ways to organize out there to help aid in these often perilous endeavors.

Spring is the perfect time to reevaluate your belongings and create a more meaningful home. Practice the principle of contentment by only keeping things that inspire happiness and recycling those that may cause clutter or chaos. Donating items to a local shelter is an amazing way to repurpose unwanted goods while fostering charitable values and mindfulness toward your community.
10 Tips to Prepare Your Hygge Home for Spring

2. Find Inspiration

Inspiration can be found in many places. It’s important to remain stimulated through the winter months and participate in activities that support a healthy transition into spring.

Some very hygge pastimes to consider include book clubs, walking on nature trails, going for a bike ride or enjoying a picnic at your local park. Whatever you decide, get out there and experience all that the spring season has to offer.

3. Replace the Outdated

Sometimes, our belongings tend to get outdated. We don’t realize it until we open up the windows to air out the house. Items that endure everyday use such as pillows, linens or even furniture are great options to think about replacing especially during price-slashing spring sales.

In fact, pillows should be replaced every 1-3 years; linens every 2-3 years; furniture every 5-10 years. If you’re looking at some of these around the house and noticing they’ve overstayed their welcome, spring is the perfect time to refurbish. Keep things affordable by looking for pillows and linens at numerous home discount stores or purchasing sofas from a large selection through an online retailer.

4. Make Little Fixes

Little fixes can actually go a long way. If you’re tired of looking at the same decor, focus on the small stuff. Change out hardware on cabinets to cultivate a fresh vibe. Replace curtains with colors in spring hues like greens or yellows. Switching out rugs are another way to completely change a room and brighten up a space.
10 Tips to Prepare Your Hygge Home for Spring

5. Revitalize and Renew

Succumb to the hygge principle of relaxation — it’s time to get cozy. Taking time for yourself is vital to transition from hibernation to a more active lifestyle. Try some homemade bath bombs, purchase an affordable facial, give yourself a DIY mani/pedi or go for all three.

If your speed is more TV binges and movie marathons, go with the flow. Whichever way you like, relaxing is a great way to prepare yourself for spring.

6. Bring the Outdoors In

Botanical vibes bring a breath of fresh air. Let your home take advantage of all that the outdoors have to offer by opening up windows and incorporating houseplants into your hygge home decor.

If you’re less inclined to get your hands and knees dirty in the yard, start potted herb gardens that are easy to care for. Fresh basil and oregano are easy to grow and help make meals delicious while keeping grocery bills down. For an even more cost efficient route, learn how to grow herbs from cuttings and you will never have to purchase seeds again.

7. Entertain Loved Ones

Hit the hygge principle of companionship in this next step to prepare for spring. It’s time to exit the cave you have created for yourself and get out there again!

Host a hygge brunch with plenty of delicious food. Try a slow cooker breakfast recipe for a meal that is simple to make, capable of serving several people and most importantly — easy to clean up.
10 Tips to Prepare Your Hygge Home for Spring

8. Soothing Steeps

What better way to relax in your hygge home than curling up with a delicious cup of tea or cocoa? Get comfortable and grab your favorite warm beverage, pillows and blankets to relish in the new season.

Remember to unwind and ease off the busy sentiment of spring. Prevent your system from going into shock by participating in things that help you recharge.

9. Slap on a Fresh Coat of Paint

Painting is a simple and cost-efficient way to update your home for spring. Take a note from the hygge palette when considering new wall colors. Save some money and DIY your smallest rooms. Calming earth tones like greens, grays and taupes are sure to last the year while also providing tranquil vibes.

It’s can be easy to get carried away, so don’t forget to keep things simple to stay in line with a hygge home.
10 Tips to Prepare Your Hygge Home for Spring

10. Enjoy the Little Things

Finally, hygge is all about taking small moments in life and enjoying them to their fullest. We get so caught up in our day to day lives that we fail to notice or appreciate the little things.

Each day, take a second to express gratitude in a bullet journal, go out of your way for a simple act of kindness or to recite positive affirmations.

Or, celebrate moments of joy with personalized photo books that are certain to make you feel the warm fuzzies. Whatever your preference, use the spring season to not only update your home, but your mind as well!