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Did you know? We recently added a new size of our best-selling Square Prints to our site…

Meet our 2.75” Tiny Square Prints! Not only are they the most adorable print in our lineup, but you can order a set of 20 bordered or borderless minis for just $5!

We love Tiny Prints so much, that we use them for all sorts of fun things – and we couldn’t wait to share some ideas with you. So, here’s a quick list of our top five favorite ways we use Tiny Prints.

Our Favorite Things To Do With Tiny Prints

1. Journaling

Whether you’re creating a baby book for a new little one in your life, using a gratitude journal, or starting from scratch with a bullet journal, Tiny Prints are an easy way to add small photo touches throughout your writing.

Simply write any special notes, dates or location on the blank back of each photo and add to your book with a small piece of non-damaging Washi Tape.

Example from
Our Favorite Things To Do With Tiny Prints

2. Gift tags

Most presents become even more special when they’re personalized. Use Tiny Prints as gift tags for your next birthday or holiday gift.

It’s such an easy way to add a custom element. Just write the to & from, punch a hole in the top, add a piece of string or Washi Tape and attach to your gift! Bonus: they can keep the tag!
Our Favorite Things To Do With Tiny Prints

3. Make a memory game

Rainy days just got a lot more fun – Tiny Prints make the perfect matching game for little ones.

Check out our DIY instructions to make one for yourself!
Our Favorite Things To Do With Tiny Prints

4. Inspirational quotes

We love @teacherstyleicon’s idea of using prints for inspirational quotes and drawings!

These are perfect to pass along to a friend, pack in a kiddo’s lunch, or leave around the house for extra reminders of the special things in life.
Our Favorite Things To Do With Tiny Prints

5. String ’em up

Our most favorite thing to do is use Tiny Prints as decor in your home! Make a grid, create a family tree, or hang on a string for all to see.

You can even use Clip Lights for added sparkle.