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At Parabo, Washi Tape has a sweet spot in our hearts. It adds a burst of color to anything in your home and is sticky enough to hold up photo prints (but not so sticky that it’ll damage your walls or prints).

We never pass up a creative idea and are excited to share these fun, new uses for Square Prints + Washi Tape.

Four Fun Ways to Use Washi Tape

Decorate a bare wall

Look at this adorable house and family tree made from Square Prints and Washi. Craft your very own, or get inspired and create other custom artwork on your walls.
Four Fun Ways to Use Washi Tape

Fake a frame

Avoid poking holes in your walls and make frames out of Washi Tape to hang your snaps in style.
Four Fun Ways to Use Washi Tape

Create a simple journal

Grab a notebook, write a few words and use Washi to tape Tiny Square Prints in your journal to remember your special memories.
Four Fun Ways to Use Washi Tape

Make a “framed” wall gallery grid

Create a simple, yet colorful grid using 4” or 5.5” Square Prints to display your favorite faces and places.
Four Fun Ways to Use Washi Tape
The possibilities are endless with only a few supplies. Plus, rainbow sprinkles make everything better!

Photos & ideas found in this post are by Nicole Hansen Photography.