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Plain old lines are kind of boring. Vertical lines are tall, we get it. Horizontal … yeah, wide.

But put those two together and you have a big beautiful grid! We’re crazy about grids (and so are a ton of designers).

So, we’ve rounded up 10 ways to get into this criss-crossy trend.

Editors’ Picks: Grids

Plant It

Beautiful wild shapes from Mother Nature look great against a good ol’ grid.


Editors’ Picks: Grids

Sit on It

Vintage (and new reproductions of) wire chairs give grids a practical function.

Grids give a design-y touch to many household staples.


Editors’ Picks: Grids

Hang from It

A wire grid is a great spot to hang prints and other doodads.


Editors’ Picks: Grids

Hang It

You don’t need lines to make a grid. Perfectly placed squares make a grid too!

So turn your photos into a set of Square Prints and grid ’em up.


Editors’ Picks: Grids

Bag It

Grab a big bag, a tote, or a tiny pouch. Any bag’ll do.

We like the idea that if we needed to make a graph on the go, we could.


Editors’ Picks: Grids

Tile It

Tons and tons of squares team up to cloak your home in griddiness.

We like a colorful tile or colorful grout to add some, well, color to any bathroom or kitchen.


Editors’ Picks: Grids

Stick with It

This sticky (but not too sticky) stuff lets you add a grid anywhere you please.

Washi Tape is particularly great for hanging prints!


Editors’ Picks: Grids

Work It

Beautify your workspace with … you guessed it! Grids.

Everyone knows pretty pens and notebooks help you work better anyway.


Editors’ Picks: Grids

Sleep on It

Make your sweet dreams a little sweeter with some new bedding.

Griddy sheets and pillows are just the thing to make your slumber more sweet.


Editors’ Picks: Grids

Wear It

From your feet to your baby, everything looks great in a grid.

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