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The holidays are a wonderful time of the year. Seeing family, eating loads of food, and creating a cozy home is what energizes many for the following year. As nearly 102 million people say dressing their home for the winter holidays is one of their favorite things to do every year, it’s no surprise that 73% of Americans start decorating before Thanksgiving or right after.

Since it’s only reserved for a few months out of the year, people tend to overlook refreshing their seasonal decorations. We’re providing some advice for upgrading and modernizing outdated decor to elevate your home for the season!

5 Modern Decorating Tips for the Holidays

1. Trees

Artificial trees are a different spin as opposed to natural for the holidays. Based on your own personal aesthetics, you can find a tree that meets the specifications you desire when decorating.

A slim, incandescent tree may be more suitable in a smaller space, where a larger, fuller tree would fit better within a family living room. Purchasing an artificial Christmas tree allows you the freedom to choose the style, height, and overall look to fit your home. Natural trees can be costly to purchase every year, while an artificial one is an investment that you can store and utilize for years to come – saving money and time.
5 Modern Decorating Tips for the Holidays

2. Neutral Tones

Red and green decor is a staple, but converting most of your decor to neutral colors such as black, white, and gray will create a fresh space for the season. Neutrals are timeless, meaning they won’t go out of style, ever. A simple color scheme such as this will create a more calming effect on the brain instead of an overload of traditional holiday tones.

Don’t dump every colored decor item though, as the elements that you do keep with brighter reds and greens will pop and stand out amongst a monochrome room design.
5 Modern Decorating Tips for the Holidays

3. Fruit Garland

Garland has been a holiday essential for centuries, dating back to the first settlers making them for their Christmas trees. A fun DIY twist on regular garland is to make it entirely out of dried fruit and natural elements. Drying oranges, lemons, cranberries and pears are just a few different types of fruit you can craft into a beautiful garland for your home.

Besides adding some color, your home will smell wonderful with the natural fragrance of this decoration. Stringing sticks of cinnamon, or sprigs of rosemary between the fruit slices with twine will give more texture and scent wherever its hung. Guests will be wowed at the unique craft, and you can use the leftovers that didn’t make it onto the garland as a treat in a hot mug of cider.
5 Modern Decorating Tips for the Holidays

4. Photographs and Artwork

‘Tis the season for having lots of guests visiting your home! An aspect of decorating is giving a sense of a lived in, homey space. Printed photographs of your loved ones, pets, and milestones are decorations that never go out of style.

Or, if you don’t know what photo to print, themed artwork is an elegant way to add some festive pizazz. We have a few new themed prints at Parabo, that you can hang during the holiday season and replace with a personal photo once the season is through.
5 Modern Decorating Tips for the Holidays

5. Metallics

Silver and gold decor are a seasonal trend that fit in perfectly for the holidays. Instead of an overwhelming amount of christmas colors in the home, metallics are a festive way to spark spirit and create a sense of brightness within a space.

A modern take on classic decor, conventional christmas colors will feel outdated compared to the shine and sophistication metals bring in. They’re also great because most colors will match bronze, silver or gold, meaning that you’ll be able to incorporate them all year as opposed to a few selected months. Accent pieces such as silver wall art piece, or a gold bar cart, will go a long way in making your home pop.
Update your space this season with some new ideas and style. Celebrating the holidays is age old, but your decor doesn’t have to be. With these tips, you’ll be able to transform your home into a festive wonderland while utilizing decor that’ll create a timeless look for years to come.