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The leaves are beginning to change colors around Madison, which means fall is just around the corner along with back-to-school season!

We may no longer be in college ourselves but love any excuse to redecorate our workspace, especially with cute things that help us stay organized 24/7. Plus who doesn’t get a rush of creativity with the purchase of a new journal and pens?

Sounds like you? Well you’re in the right place because we gathered everything on our wishlist to help you stay organized in style.

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Stay Organized In StyleStay Organized In Style


Desk Accessory Must-Haves

Give up the desk clutter! Bullet Journals are the new sticky notes and are essential for organized go-getters. Pair it with a collection of same-color desk trays and you’ll be known as #deskgoals in the office.

Stay Organized In StyleStay Organized In Style


Stylish Wall Calendars

We are seeing more and more decorators using calendars as pieces of art, which we’re 100% obsessed with. Skip the generic $3 scheduler and grab a one-of-a-kind Wall Calendar you’ll love to look at on-the-daily. BONUS: think about all the space you’ll have for the desk accessories above.

Stay Organized In StyleStay Organized In Style


Thankful Details

You know that friend who always sends the sweetest greeting cards? That can be you too! Pick up a set of personalized cards so you can say “Congratulations” or “Thanks” on a moments notice. And for all those cards you’ve received, store them in a DIY holder to look back on all your happy memories.

Stay Organized In StyleStay Organized In Style


Penmanship Perfection

There is no greater feeling than finding the pen or pencil of your dreams! Our go-to is anything bright and colorful because that always makes writing more fun. Besides, if it inspires you to stay organized, isn’t it kind of worth it?

Stay Organized In StyleStay Organized In Style


Space-Saving Photo Displays

The key to organization is utilizing space efficiently, at least that’s what the HGTV experts say, which is why we LOVE Peg Boards and Photo Ropes! Easily arrange your notes and favorite Prints (like our popular free Squares) for a stunning, Pinterest-worthy display.
Want to add some photos into your routine? We know that feeling. Grab your free set of Square Prints today and get organizing – just chip in for shipping.