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Print Methods We Love: Newsprints
What’s black, white and read all over? Well, that joke doesn’t work typed out – but that won’t stop us from typing it. You can’t stop us from printing photos on newsprint either, even though that stuff was made for printing the news. We’re free spirits like that. Why Newsprints? We decided to offer photos on newsprint in the Parabo App first and foremost because we like the look. We’d seen artists do it before,
Q&A with Zine Maker: Laura Helen Winn
When inspiration strikes, Laura Helen Winn rolls with it. Her friends’ yummy Vietnamese food inspired a skateboard design, which inspired a photoshoot, that in turn inspired the creation of the Rice Paper Scissors Zine. We asked her all about it and ended up finding inspiration of our own. Read on. Be inspired. Hello to Laura Helen Winn Q: What do you “do”? Where did you come from? A: I’m a designer and artist living in
Common Questions About Turning Photos into Prints
Some mysteries are too big to solve, but the printing thing? Oh, we’ve got this printing thing down and we’re here to help. We’re going to answer some common questions, explain how to find the file size of your photo, and tell you just what that means in the grand scheme of (printing) things.   How can I tell if my photos are good enough? One way to find out, is to just get started