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You know how La La Land had Jazz music, and Jazz music is actually really an old concept, but it was new and improved for the movie, and you LOVED it?

That’s how we feel about our Classic Prints – our same ol’ 100% recycled, matte paper that we’ve used for our Square Prints since the beginning, but now in your favorite classic sizes.

Grab a set in 4×6″ or 5×7″ and add a border – or don’t! Soon you’ll have 20 of your favorite photos to flip through while you listen to Ryan Gosling tickle those ivories and reminisce.

A few talented Instagrammers got a sneak peek of our Classic Prints and helped us spread the word. Their photos are so beautiful, we wanted to share them with you!

And Now, It’s Your Turn!

We’re sure you have tons of photos you’ve taken this year, last year – really at any point in your life. Order your set of Classic Prints so you can remember your favorite memories forever and ever.

Want to spread the word about Parabo like these folks did? Submit your info by dropping us an email.