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Good Hangups

Hang all your prints in seconds and keep them free from damage with Good Hangups. Make a sleek-looking wall grid of Square Prints or a row of Newsprints to showcase your favorite faces and places. These eight sturdy magnastickers go directly on your wall, allowing you to use neat little magnets to hang just about anything. You printed the photos, now it’s time to display them and fill your space with joy.

Sorry, this product is not available.

Product Details

  • Each set includes eight magnastickers with very sturdy magnets
  • Stays secure on smooth walls without damaging paint, creating holes, or leaving residue
  • No more thumbtack or sticky tack damage to the corners of your photos - these magnets to do not adhere your prints
  • Peel and restick the magnastickers again and again when changing up your design or moving to a new space


These work great with any Parabo print - especially Square Prints, Classic Prints, and Newsprints.

The magnastickers are reusable, so you can peel and re-stick anytime you’d like to switch up your wall decor.

My print came in the mail yesterday...on the wall today thanks to the easy hanging system Good Hangups.