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Skeleton Clips

Photos help your hold onto life’s best moments, and Skeleton Clips are here to hold onto your photos. Add a finished look with a hint of sparkle to any photo display. The right size and configuration of these cuties can show off any photo. Use one little clip to hold a 4” Square Print or 2 big guys to hold a giant Engineer Print.


Product Details

  • Select your size - 1.25” or 2”
  • Each set includes two clips
  • Rich, silver metal clips look great paired with any photograph and keep your prints hole-free
  • Easy to hang with a small nail, for minimal wall damage
  • Pairs well with Engineer Prints and Newsprints

Friends meet Parabo Press. My newest obsession, and a must have for all photographers and photo lovers… I’m thrilled and completely impressed with their photo quality, turn around time AND pricing!