Wood Poster Rails

Your print deserves to hang in style. Think outside the frame and display your photos with Wood Poster Rails. Hang your print in seconds by placing it in between the magnetic dowels, making it easy to swap or adjust your print at any time.


Product Details

  • Choose from eight sizes: 12”, 14", 16”, 17", 20”, 24", 36” and 48”
  • Select one of three finishes: Oak, Maple and Black
  • Made with super strong, neodymium magnets that make it easy to hang your print in seconds, while making sure it will stay put once it’s hung
  • Crafted with high-quality wood
  • Pairs perfectly with our Fine Art Prints and Engineer Prints
  • Please note, Maple Rails have been discontinued in the following sizes: 14", 17" and 48"


Pair 12” rails with a portrait 11x14” Fine Art Print (will have .5" extra rail on either side).

Pair 14” rails with a landscape 11x14” Fine Art Print

Pair 12” rails with a portrait 12”x17” Fine Art Print.

Pair 17” rails with a landscape 12x17” Fine Art Print

Pair 16” rails with a portrait 16”x20” Fine Art Print.

Pair 20” rails with a landscape 16”x20” Fine Art Print.

Pair 20” rails with a portrait 20”x24” Fine Art Print.

Pair 24” rails with a landscape 20”x24” Fine Art Print.

Pair 36” rails with a Square Engineer Print or a portrait Engineer Print.

Pair 48” rails with a landscape Engineer Print.

The string is not adjustable. The length of the strings are:

  • 8.5” on 12” rails
  • 11” on 16” rails
  • 13.5” on 20” rails
  • 19” on 24” rails
  • 24.75” on 36” rails
  • 36” on 48” rails

These Parabo Press hanging rails make framing and reframing so much easier