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Are you waiting to welcome a little one? If so, some of the sweetest memories ever are waiting for you during a newborn photography session!

Here are five commonly asked questions from parents-to-be who are planning a newborn photo session, answered by a newborn photographer, Kristal Bean.

1. Why should I have newborn photos taken?

You might be surprised at how busy you are after baby arrives! You’ll be learning how to feed, swaddle, change and soothe your newborn, on top of check up appointments, visits from loved ones – all in addition to the enormous adjustment to parenthood!

Enter the beauty of a relaxed newborn session. Here’s your chance to slow down, bond with your little one and enjoy the incredible feeling of being a parent. Your only job is to simply gaze down at her tiny face and soak in sweet snuggles while your photographer provides gentle posing direction.

These intimate, tender moments where mom and dad bond and cuddle with their newborn make for priceless, powerful photos you’ll love for a lifetime!
Five Things to Know About a Newborn Photography Session

2. When should I schedule a newborn session?

It’s never too early to get on a photographer’s calendar, especially if you’re due in spring or fall. These can be really busy seasons for photographers, so don’t wait until the last minute! In fact, you’ll definitely want to secure a session before your baby arrives so that you won’t be bothered with emails, contracts and session payments while you’re adjusting to life with a newborn.

If you’re considering an in-studio session where baby is gently posed, most photographers prefer to schedule in the first 7-10 days after birth. Lifestyle sessions are a little more flexible and are usually taken within the first six weeks.
Five Things to Know About a Newborn Photography Session

3. What do I wear for newborn photo sessions?

Color is the most important factor here! You’ll want to choose outfits for you and your family that flatter everyone – including baby. Solid earth tones are lovely for every skin tone.

I happen to love moms in ivory, white or soft pastels. Solid colors are important because prints and patterns can date your photos and distract from baby. Flowy maxi or midi dresses that are nursing-friendly look wonderful for newborn sessions.

Dress your newborn in a basic white onesie. This is a classic, angelic look that looks sweet in and out of a swaddle, especially when paired with a hat or tiny headband. Your photographer may have outfits, accessories, swaddles or wraps you can use for added cuteness.

Dads look great in a neutral, solid colored button-down shirt or henley, with well-kept jeans or khakis. Dress your other child(ren) in a complementary soft color and ensure they can move freely to avoid tears!
Five Things to Know About a Newborn Photography Session

4. How do I display the photos afterward?

Gallery walls, Photo Ropes and Photo Books are three mama-approved ways to show off snaps of your tiny love! The great thing about a gallery wall and a photo rope is you can swap out images as baby grows, meaning your precious memories are always visible.

Arrange your most-loved photos in a photo book on a monthly or yearly basis so that your favorite moments are always at your fingertips. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your little one changes as time passes. These items featuring baby can also be your go-to gift for loved ones for years!
Five Things to Know About a Newborn Photography Session

5. How do I find a photographer that I love and trust?

The most important thing about your newborn photographer isn’t how pretty their photos are (that comes second!).

Your biggest concern is to ensure your photographer puts safety as her top priority. While all of us want to deliver images that you adore, nothing is worth jeopardizing baby’s wellbeing or safety.

Whether you select a photographer who specializes in working with newborns or not, don’t be afraid to ask questions. What’s their maternal and infant health policy? Are they up-to-date with applicable vaccines like the flu shot or the Tdap shot?

You’ll also want to ensure their photography and editing style matches your idea of the perfect newborn session: posed or lifestyle, focused on mostly baby or the whole family, lots of bright colors or neutral tones.

If you can find a photographer you love for both maternity and newborn sessions, this makes for a better experience for everyone. It’s nice to have someone you know working with your newborn, and you’ll already be familiar with her shooting and editing style.

Make sure scheduling a newborn photography session is at the top of your motherhood to-do list! You’ll be so thankful to have these moments frozen in time as your little one grows up! After all, they’re only this little once.

Meet our Guest Blogger

Kristal Bean specializes in luxury maternity, newborn and motherhood photography. She is based in The Woodlands, Texas. Kristal and her husband have three little girls.

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