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We love it when you share your photos with us! Lately we’ve been seeing a lot of creative ways you’ve “engineered” our Engineer Prints to hang in your spaces.

So, we gathered up our favorite inspirational posts, to help folks trying to decide just where to hang their next 3 foot by 4 foot masterpiece. Scroll along to see Engineer Prints hanging in bedrooms, art studios and more.

Where to Hang Your Next Engineer Print


Engineer Prints make a great compliment to any headboard, whether you’re enhancing a neutral palette with a B&W print or adding a pop of color.

Photos left to right: @life_is_sweet, @wendymvong


Where to Hang Your Next Engineer Print

Perfect Play Rooms

EPs look great in kids’ rooms too. No kidding. We’re loving @aimlee‘s dreamy pic. Personalize your kid’s playroom or bedroom by hanging their portrait like @reddogreno.


Where to Hang Your Next Engineer Print

Spruce Up Your Studio

Add inspiration to your studio space to get those innovative juices flowing. Print a bright, bold artwork of your favorite travel destination for an extra creative boost, like @rebrice. Hang a pic of your favorite pup to cheer you on while you write that next hit song – we’re looking at you @caffeinate.


Where to Hang Your Next Engineer Print

Living Room Looks

Love your living room a little more with perfectly placed artwork above the couch. Make it extra-personal with a family photo – bonus points for super cute photo-bombing pups.

Photos by: @samijo_loves_you, @ivansanchezh



Where to Hang Your Next Engineer Print

Adorable Dining Rooms

Don’t be afraid of decorating your dining room with a huge print – @grrreatk8 has the right idea. P.S. The awesome photo she printed is by @cisforcristal.


Where to Hang Your Next Engineer Print

Excellent Entry Ways

Make an entryway into a focal point with a bright print and Washi Tape or pair a B&W Engineer Print with a set of Wooden Rails and keep it simple.

Photos by: @jilliangormanphoto and @rebrice.


Where to Hang Your Next Engineer Print

Make It Your Own

Craft your Engineer Print! We love this three-part framed print by @americajonixon.

And Now, It’s Your Turn!

You’ve seen the inspo…what are you waiting for? Turn your favorite photo into an enormous Engineer Print or Square Engineer Print. Don’t forget to use #parabopress when you post a photo of your print hanging in your home. It just might end up in our next inspiration roundup.