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Scrolling through your camera roll is cool and all, but leafing through the pages of a photo book is just more magical. We’d make a photo book for every occasion, but who has the time?

Turns out, if you’ve got 10 minutes, you do!

Our good pal Laurel on the Parabo team took a trip to Thailand and put together a photo book of her adventures in less than 10 minutes. And, she’s here to tell you just how she did it.

Please tell us the rumors are true

It’s true. I made a photo book of my trip to Thailand and I love it. I’ve already flipped through it roughly a bajillion times and made every friend who has come over in recent history flip through it too.

So, how did I make it so quickly? There’s one big secret…lean in close:


While I was in Thailand, each night I scrolled through the day’s photos, deciding which ones to ‘gram and which to text to Mom, and I smashed that little favorite heart on my faves. That’s it!

Make a book from your phone’s favorites

I made my book with the Parabo Press app, of course. First, I choose my book style — kept it casual with an 8” Softcover for this one.

Then (here’s the magic part), in the picture upload screen, I tapped the carrot next to the “Camera Roll” up top and asked the app to only show me the photos in my “Favorites” album.

That way, the bulk of my decision making was already done by my past self (thanks, past self!). So I just tip-tapped my photos and headed to checkout in well under 10 minutes.

Now that you’re all done making the book, there’s just one really hard part left: waiting for your book to arrive!

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