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Keep up with friends and family near and far, all while sending joyful messages. Holiday Cards are here and ready for you to order.

Does the thought of choosing just one photo seem impossible? There’s no need to fear – it’s easy to pick your perfect photo and spread lots of cheer this holiday season. Just follow these five easy steps.

1. Start now

Easier said than done, but the less rushed you are making your Holiday Card, the easier it’ll be.
How to Pick the Perfect Photos for Your Holiday Card

2. Collect your best photos from the year

Scroll through your camera roll and social posts to identify your favorite images. Don’t spend too much time here, simply select the ones you instantly like the most (if scrolling through your camera roll on an iPhone, heart the photo to automatically add it to your Favorites album).
How to Pick the Perfect Photos for Your Holiday Card

3. Find the smile-worthy moments

Of your collected photos, which ones make you laugh and smile the most? These are the magic moments that should make it to the next round.

4. Use a critical eye

Carefully go through your best-of collection and omit photos that are a bit blurry, too busy, have someone’s eyes closed, or are too similar. Use this opportunity to narrow down your selection to no more than five photos.

5. Think about your card design

Now that you’ve identified possible photos for you card, think about the design and layout. Landscape or portrait? Do you want to highlight multiple moments from the year or is there one clear winner who takes center stage?

Are there certain colors that’ll best showcase your photo? Do you want a classic matte finish, or do you want to add extra cheer with Gold Foil accents? There are lots of possibilities for making your card the perfect card for your family!
How to Pick the Perfect Photos for Your Holiday Card
Finally, get online to order your Holiday Cards before it’s too late!