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Don’t leave it up to Hallmark to tell your dad how cool he is. DIY it yourself!

All it takes are scissors, paper, a set of our Classic Prints and one cup of creative juice to make a truly personal card that Pops is sure to love.

Use one of the following five DIY ideas as inspiration, or think up a fun design of your own.

Then fill that card with your own words, letting your dad know just what makes him special to you.

Five DIY Father’s Day Card Ideas

The Classic Card

This is a folded piece of paper. We glued a print to it.

It doesn’t take any more than that to make a personal card.

For the three designs in this post that use a cardstock card as the base, we cut the card to 6.75 x 9.5” before we folded it in half, and used 4×6” Classic Prints on them.

Five DIY Father’s Day Card Ideas

The Accordion Card

Line up and tape together five photos that are all oriented in the same direction, vertical or horizontal.

Place tape on the back and leave a tiny 1mm space between every other photo, because photos that are folded toward each other need a little more wiggle room in the tape department.

Write a love note on the back and you’ve got a stand-up card that’ll look good on Dad’s desk all year long.

Five DIY Father’s Day Card Ideas

The Pop-Up Card

Pop your favorite photo into a card for your Pops!

Simply cut two slits along the fold (we made .5” slits on one side of the fold and 1.5” on the other side). Pop the paper between the folds inside the card as you fold it shut, to form a small step when the card opens.

Glue a photo to the step for a fun surprise. We cut around the little dude in the photo for a more dramatic 3D look.

The outside of the card will look like it’s missing a chunk with that slit pushed in. If you don’t like that look simple glue the card you’ve made into a slightly larger card for a more finished look.

Five DIY Father’s Day Card Ideas

A Week of Postcards

Our 4×6″ Classic Prints are the same size as a standard post card.

So, you can stick a note, an address and a stamp onto the back and throw it in the mail.

We love the idea of sending a different photo to Dad’s office each day for a week. The best fathers deserves more than just one day.

Five DIY Father’s Day Card Ideas

The Cutout Card

Highlight a little bit of a photo, then wham-o, share the whole thing on the inside of the card.

This sneaky idea took some doing, but we love the result.

First we cut out a heart in the size and shape of the cutout we wanted to make. Then, we put a piece of paper cut to 4×6” over our family photo and traced the heart, right where we wanted the cutout.

Next we used graphite (pencil scribbles) on the back of that template, to transfer the heart onto the front of our card. We placed the template in the center and used a pencil to draw over the heart. The graphite on the back of the paper transferred onto the card.

Then, just cut out the design (we used an x-acto knife) and glue your photo inside your card.

There You Have It

Our fave DIY card ideas for a personalized Father’s Day card giving experience.

Now, pick out some photos and pick up a set of Classic Prints (order right from our app, if all your best shots are on your phone) and get to making.