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Printmaker Profile: Lindsey Lee
Name: Lindsey Lee   Instagram: @lindseyleeandtheboys   Blog: Lindsey Lee & Co.   Where do you live?: Denver, CO   Number of photos on your camera roll?: 17,810   What do you find yourself taking the most photos of and why? My kids- to document their smallness as they grow everyday. I also take a lot of food photos as I create plant-based recipes to help inspire people to find creative ways to get more plants in their
10 Ways to Find Joy Around Your Home
At Parabo Press, we’re here to help you “fill your space with joy.” It’s a half-tagline, half-mantra for us, because we believe that adding prints of your favorite memories to your home makes it a happier place to be. Lately, we’ve all been spending more time in our homes each and every day. As team Parabo has been adjusting to working from our homes, we’ve thought a lot about how to stay positive. We want
Printmaker Profile: Adelaide H.
Name: Adelaide H.   Instagram: @adelaide.h   Blog: Adelaide Hernberg   Where do you live?: Madison, WI   Number of photos on your camera roll?: 28,010   What do you find yourself taking the most photos of and why? I have always had a passion for traveling and having fun. I find myself taking photos of the most beautiful places I am and those who I enjoy them with so I can look back and remember those good
Printmaker Profile: Erin Stanczyk
Name: Erin Stanczyk   Instagram: @erinstanczyk   Blog: Eat. Move. Rest.   Where do you live?: Lincoln, NE   Number of photos on your camera roll?: 49,000   What do you find yourself taking the most photos of and why? I find myself taking the most photos of my new baby boy, Maxwell, because he is growing and changing each and every day! It makes me so happy to scroll through the past weeks and see How much
How to Decorate Your Home with Your Favorite Photo on Canvas
Have you seen our new Photo Prints on Canvas? Each one is hand assembled and displayed with a floating frame in your choice of finish – Maple, Oak or Black. We have really enjoyed seeing these Canvases adorning your homes for the last few months (thanks to everyone who has shared via #parabopress). So, we’ve rounded up eight ways that you all have styled your new canvases. Scroll along for inspiration – then head to