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Printmaker Profile: Audrey Crisp

Name: Audrey Crisp


Instagram: @audreycrispinteriors


Blog: Audrey Crisp Interiors


Where do you live?: Rancho Mission Viejo, CA


Number of photos on your camera roll?: 37,052


What do you find yourself taking the most photos of and why?

Mostly my home, my kids are a close second. I post pictures of my house for my Instagram, and I take pics of my kids cause they’re cute!
Printmaker Profile: Audrey Crisp

What photograph or artwork in your home brings you the most joy? What’s the story behind it?

I love the art above my hand chair! It’s fun and graphic. It was a printable product I got framed.
Printmaker Profile: Audrey Crisp

How do you describe your home décor style?

Modern, global, and a touch of boho

Where do you get your home décor inspiration?

So many people. Instagram and Pinterest.

What’s your favorite Parabo product?

I love the Square Prints!

Printmaker Profile: Audrey Crisp


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